Successful Beginnings

Every child has the right to shine, and we provide quality programs in a safe, caring environment to encourage every student’s optimum growth and academic achievement. Here you’ll learn about the excellent programs we offer to ensure your child begins their educational journey with success.

LIFE Program

Our LIFE (Living in Family Environment) program is a school-based prevention program that provides support to elementary students and their families who may be struggling with behavioral, social-emotional, or academic issues. Referred families will be contacted by a LIFE program caseworker from the Dickinson Center who will help develop family-centric goals to address specific student needs.

HOPE Program

The HOPE (Helping Our Pupils Excel) program offers outpatient therapy sessions within the school for students exhibiting symptoms related to ADHD, depression/anxiety, trauma, self-injury, suicidal/homicidal feelings, or anger/aggression. Specialists from the Dickinson Center provide all therapies with parental consent and bill the family’s insurance.

Community-and School-Based Behavioral Health Services

Our Community-and School-based Behavioral Health Services (CSBBH) program offers services to students who have serious emotional or behavioral problems that affect how they function at school, home, or in the community. Providers work closely with the students and families to develop problem-solving skills, resilience, social and emotional learning skills and self-regulation, as well as positive connections with adults in the school.

Learn more about the services we offer on the Student Services page of our website or by contacting our school counselor, Krista Frank, at 814-965-2577.