Our District

Located in Elk County, Pennsylvania, we are proud to offer a learning environment that promotes academic success and character development for every student.

Johnsonburg Area School District prepares all students for adult life by attending to their intellectual and development needs and challenging them to achieve at the highest level in order to become life-long learners. Together with parents, families, and community institutions, JASD provides opportunities for students to:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills
  • Develop integrity
  • Process new information
  • Think critically
  • Work independently
  • Collaborate with others
  • Adapt to change

Excellent Academics

We are deeply focused on 21st century academics and offer a wide selection of curricular options for students, including high ability programming, advanced placement courses, dual/college credit courses, fine arts classes, career and technical education courses, and world languages. Our challenging academic curriculum is supplemented with a variety of extracurricular programs such as athletics and job shadowing. And for students who cannot attend school in person, JASD offers Ram Academy, an online education alternative that allows chronically ill students, students who need to make up credits, and those who benefit from the flexibility of schooling at home to earn high school credits toward graduation.

Parental Involvement

As educators we understand the importance of parental involvement in a student’s academic success. Research shows that when parents are actively involved in school, their children are absent less often, behave better, and achieve more. Learn more about how you can get involved in your child’s education throughout our website.

Title I Schools

We’re proud to be a Title I school district. As Title I schools, we receive additional federal funding to support student achievement in reading and math and to develop parental involvement initiatives. With dedicated reading and math interventionists at every level, our Title I and classroom teachers work together to plan instruction that will best meet each student’s academic needs. Our elementary Title I program serves all students through small group instruction, teacher-to-teacher consultations, and co-instruction in the regular classroom.